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More and more individuals are taking to the digital streets these days and most of the information they search for seems to be popping up on blogs left and right. The problem is that it’s tough to trust whether a source is reputable, especially when there are so many self-proclaimed professionals out there.

Time and time again you hear that “you can’t always trust what you read on the internet”, mostly because a lot of it is just regurgitated for the sake of generating hits and making a quick cent off of advertising.

At Grant Line Nursery and Garden Center, we’re backed by 30+ years of being in business and over 100 yers of combined experience in the area of gardening. We are professionals. Our information is nothing but professional because we have a name to uphold. We have a reputation to live up to that we’ve been building for those 30+ years.

This is why we’ll only offer the best tried and tested advice that we can offer. We speak from experience and where we can’t, we gather information from those who can.

That being said, while most gardening practices and techniques are upheld by hundreds and thousands of years of mastery, some of these ideas change, some of them evolve, and some of them are even brand new, and we’d like to be able to cover that entire spectrum for you.

We want to provide new and old tips, tricks, dos, don’ts, checklists, guides, to-dos, how tos, diy projects, and everything that encompasses growing, planting and taking care of your annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs and everything else you may be sticking in that soil of yours and that includes the soil itself!

Be sure to come back and keep an eye on what we’ve got in store, literally, because you can be sure that whatever we do is going to be exactly what you need!

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