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One of the greatest times of year for gardeners is when winter starts to slow down and temperatures start to get a little warmer and those little splashes of yellows and whites start to dress the roadside. The arrival of daffodils can only mean one thing: spring is nigh.


Wild bulbs aside, if you’re a lover of all things gardening like we are, you probably have some of your own sprinkling your landscape, and not just daffodils, but crocuses, tulips, anemones and alliums as well. One after the other, these bulbs begin to shine and the world begins it’s metamorphosis from a dull and dreary brown into a beautiful blanket of color and life.

If you’re a seasoned gardener, you’ll know that the bulbs that these flowers emerge from need a good deal of time to establish themselves and chill before they can adequately decorate your landscape, and if you’re not, now you know!


Spring blooming bulbs are generally planted the previous autumn to give them their best shot and because of this, this is the best time to find them in nurseries, garden centers and all over the online gardening websites, and Grant Line is no exception!

We’ve got all different shades and hues of the above mentioned bulbs, plus hyacinths, irises, lycoris (a.k.a. surprise/resurrection/magic lilies) and for you vegetable gardeners, garlic as well.


Mid-October is the perfect time to be planting bulbs in our growing zone (zone 6), so be sure to head down as soon as possible to make sure you’ve planted your bulbs with ample time to prepare for their spring curtain call!

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