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If you’ve never heard of the Grass Roots Creations line of beaded home decor called Beadworx, now is your chance to. Founded by artist Kristen Depante over 10 years ago with a tiny, beaded gecko, the company has expanded ten-fold, offering an entire zoo’s worth of beaded fauna, plus a wonderful selection of home and holiday decor.

Taken directly from their catalog is the following excerpt:

“Our commitment is driven by the belief that job skill creation at the ‘grass roots’ level can feed entire families and take a step toward healing hardships in the world. The cornerstone of Grass Roots Creations has always been the economic uplift we provide our beading artists, framers and developers, and all the people behind the scenes that make these wonderful pieces of art come to life.

Profits are reinvested into the company to sustain jobs, create new ones, and fund design and development projects to bring this unique handcraft to not only the us, but now the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Germany andmany other European countries. By working directly with the people, Grass Root Creations is able to bring our artisans’ products to you at the best price possible and provide uplift wages to many hundreds of people.”

Currently in our store we are carrying a large selection of the Beadworx animals, ranging from hummingbird wind chimes, to foot long geckos, to large mouth fish, to various animal lawn stakes. Check out the gallery below and then head on own to get yours today!

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