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Normally we’ll feature non-flora products here so that we can create awareness about some of the amazing stuff we have available in our store, but theres one plant that we such huge fans of that we can’t help but give it a little extra love on our website.


The plant I speak of is the hellebore, or lenten rose. The beauty of this evergreen, shade-loving, herbaceous perennial (zones 4 – 9) is not only that it adds a nice splash of green to your otherwise brown winter landscape, but depending on the variety, you’ll also be adding some color too, since some hellebores push out blooms in the middle of winter!


Currently, we’ve got 9 different varieties in all shapes and colors, from deep reds to yellows, pinks to greenish-whites.
If you’d like to take a look at the different colors, just head on down and they’re ready and waiting for you in our shade perennial section!

As an added bonus, don’t leave home without this:


Currently, all hellebores are $5 off the original price of $9.99 – 19.99! Use coupon code 158 at checkout on in-stock items only. NO LIMIT!

So just print out that coupon and head on down for the best selection NOW!

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