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Autumn is the time of year when most gardening starts to slow down. Annuals have long been planted, most summer veggies are on their last breath, waiting for frost to hit, and a lot of trees and shrubs that were planted in spring and summer are well on their way to establishing their place in your landscape and looking forward to a period of dormancy.

This, however, does not mean that gardening is over. If you’re like us and you love to garden, then you know that fall is the perfect time of year to plant more trees and shrubs, bulbs and even fall and winter vegetable gardens, and Grant Line is happy to be able to assist you in each of these areas!

As far as trees and shrubs are concerned, we have a nursery full of all of your favorites, like boxwoods, arborvitae, oaks and dogwoods, and some more specialty pieces like topiaries, beauty berry, hinoki cypress and chocolate mimosas. Fortunately for you, you still have a good 1-2 weeks left of prime planting time, allowing your new trees and shrubs enough time to establish a good, strong root system before winter sets in.

Where bulbs are concerned, we are well stocked with all of your spring blooming varieties such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. Spring blooming bulbs are planted in the fall, giving them the necessary chilling time for proper blooming. Generally in our area, it is safe to plant these varieties until around late November, weather permitting.  As you can guess, the fall season can be a busy one for the gardener!

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