Planting Tips

Dig hole 6-8″ wider or equivalent to 2 times the width of root ball. Remove plastic container before planting. Combine 1/3 organic matter (peat, manure) with 2/3 original soil. Place enough amended soil in the bottom of the hole so that when the plant is placed in the hole, the top of the root ball will be slightly above ground level. Fill the sides of the hole to half full, firming the soil as you place it around the root ball. At this time, take an opportunity to water thoroughly. Plant starter can be used to stimulate root growth. Finish filling the hole with soil to proper level. Form a basin with a 2-4″ mound of soil. This mound will help retain water in and around the root ball. Water thoroughly until saturated. Mulching of 2-3″ will help retain moisture, but do not allow to rest against trunk of plants. Thereafter, water as needed to avoid drying out, but avoid a soggy condition. New planting may require watering 1-2 times per week until established. Plants CAN be over watered, always check soil moisture conditions before watering.

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